The most important step you can take to eliminate headaches during your remodeling project is to choose the right contractor.
A professional remodeling contractor should instill confidence in you with his ability to provide insightful solutions, within budget, and on a timely basis. He will be proud of his past remodel projects and will arrange for you to see some of them that are similar to the upcoming remodel project.
A successful kitchen remodel design begins by identifying who uses the kitchen and for what purpose. Is it a common family gathering point, or just for food preparation? Do guests gravitate toward the kitchen when you entertain? Does the family share food preparation activities? Every kitchen remodel design should take into consideration the three major work areas: food preparation, cooking, and cleanup. These three major work areas make up what is commonly referred to as "the work triangle". Your perfectly remodeled kitchen will not be the same as your neighbor's; everyone's is different. Only you know how your family uses this room
If you hire a moonlighter who has no liability or workers' compensation insurance, you could be held responsible for damages and injuries on your property. If the remodeled you paid does not pay a supplier or worker, you subsequently could be held financially responsible by the unpaid party. You should require lien releases upon progress payments to avoid this situation. If you obtain your own building permits, you will be responsible for making sure the work meets local building codes to get the permit finalized. Vague or unclear contracts are just the beginning of poor communication between a contractor and client. It doesn't take much for a little miscommunication to snowball into an avalanche of problems that are expensive, upsetting and an unproductive use of valuable time. A sound, detailed contract between the homeowner and the remodel contractor is the best insurance for the smooth completion of any remodel project. Details, details, details -- that is the mantra.
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